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New: Mitch is hosting a show called Exploring the Unknown. Here's some information from the official FOX Family Channel site:

EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN seeks the truth behind extraordinary claims and phenomenon investigating everything from UFO sightings to miracle cures to psychics to con games to conspiracy theories, revealing hard facts, exposing frauds and hoaxes, highlighting the true mysteries that science has yet to explain. Hosted by "The X-Files'" Mitch Pileggi, EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN features a team of investigators led by Dr. Michael Shermer, head of the Skeptics Society and publisher of Skeptic magazine, and will match the world's leading scientific experts against those who make claims of the paranormal, the supernatural, and other seemingly unexplainable events. The secret tricks of "paranormal" cons and other frauds will be demonstrated by "inside" experts.

A dedicated fan, Ruthie Capella adds her own review of Mitch's performance as host:

"Exploring the Unknown" is hosted by Mitch Pileggi, the sexy co-star of The X-Files. Ironically, the show presents a scientific, skeptical viewpoint and offers rational, realistic explanations for many "unexplained" phenomena. Watch "Exploring the Unknown" on the Fox Family channel Friday nights at 9 pm Eastern/Pacific time for shows featuring astrology, fire walking, psychic powers, miracles, UFOs, lie detectors tests, and more.

Read a review by fan Donna Solomon of Mitch's performance of the audiobook "Ruins," by Kevin Anderson.

The following information was snagged from several different sources, including the Internet Movie Database, a program from a play Mitch Pileggi appeared in two years ago and the Mitch Pileggi FAQ maintained by Charity Tahmaseb. Thanks, Charity! Dates and characters played are provided when known.

Film Roles

X-Files: The Movie (1998) [Assistant Director Walter Skinner]

Legion of Fire: The Killer Ants (1998) (TV)

Raven Hawk (1996) (TV) [Carl Rikker]

A Vampire in Brooklyn (1995) [Tony]

It's Pat (1994) [Security Guard #2]

Dangerous Touch (1994) [Vince]

Pointman (1994) (TV) [Benny]

Trouble Shooters: Trapped Beneath the Earth (1993) (TV) [Thompson]

Basic Instinct (1992) [Internal Affairs Investigator]

Guilty as Charged (1991) [Dominique]

Knight Rider 2000 (1991) (TV) [Thomas J. Watts]

Night Visions (1990) (TV) [Keller]

Shocker (1989) [Horace Pinker]

Brothers In Arms (1989) [Caleb]

Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988) [Sarge]

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) [Cannery Lab Foreman]

Three O'Clock High (1987) [Duke Herman]

Three on a Match (1987) (TV) [Bull]

On the Line (1984) a.k.a. Rio Abajo [Stephens]

The Sky's No Limit, a.k.a. The Sky's The Limit (1984) (TV)

Mongrel (1982) [Woody]

No More Mr. Nice Guy

TV Appearances

The X-Files (1993-present) [Assistant Director Walter Skinner]

ER (2000) [Mr. Waters]

Walker, Texas Ranger (1998)

Players (1998) [Jake Morgan]

Models, Inc. (1995) [Hit Man]

Doctor, Doctor (1989) [as "Coach" in "Ice Follies"]

Alien Nation (1989) [as "John Paul Sartre" in "The Night of the Screams"]

China Beach (1988) [in "With a Little Help from My Friends"]

Hooperman (1987) [in "Baby Talk"]

Guns of Paradise


The Antagonists

Absolute Strangers

Adam 12

Falcon Crest

Community Theatre Roles

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune [Johnny]


Lone Star

Buried Child

The Price


Jesus Christ Superstar [Pilate]

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