Mitchly Fan Clubs

Write Directly to Mitch: Many people have contacted me asking how to write to Mitch Pileggi. I've been told a good address for getting in touch with him is:
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Inc.
P.O.Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

Just write a fan letter and ask for an autographed photo, and usually in 8 weeks you should get one.

There are several discussion lists devoted to our favorite topic. One is called "The AD's Office" and you can subscribe by sending a message to In the body of your message put "subscribe office ".

Another popular list is Skinnerholics Anonymous. The group has a web page at Visit this page to find out how to subscribe.

The Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade (MPEB)

One of the first Mitchly fan clubs we know of is the Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade. Check out their internet site or e-mail Paula Mackey for information on joining.

The Mitch Pileggi Pheromone Brigade (MPPB)

This is an e-mail list with heavy traffic, mostly expressing extreme admiration for Mitch. If you would like to join, e-mail with the words "subscribe mppb-l" in the email text (note that is a lower-case "L," not a number "1," at the end of the message). This is a loosely formed group that shares one thing in common: they all think Mitch Pileggi is fascinating. *All* Mitch Pileggi fans are welcome to join.

The Official X-Files Forum

Delphi's official X-Files site contains information on the Official X-Files Fan Club.


Best said in their own words (excerpted from the BRAWS Manifesto):

I welcome all and any to B.R.A.W.S., the Broad Reform Advocates for Walter Skinner. This Social Net is open to male and female of any species. This is of course, assuming you aren't on our Enemies list and must therefore grovel for acceptance.

A brief Review of our Agenda.
  1. Walter is the "Surly Pectoral God of the FBI." or SPG for short.
  2. We pay homage to him by sacrificing bottles of Bactine. (Vaporub'll do in a pinch)
  3. BRAWS members with major lust/hormonal tendencies are called 'Handmaidens'
  4. BRAWS members who just like him without the lust factor are called ''PRAWNS'-(People Really Attracted to Walter Non-Sexually)
  5. Our major goal is to promote the Pectoral One (Mitch/Skinner) and petition the folks at 10-13/X-Files or Chris Carter's minions via the FEEDBACK option that we wanna see more Skinner, ie- in stories/episodes, conventions, articles, and posters, mugs, inflatable dolls***, Barbie Doll accessories, etc.
  6. Try to submit topical contributions of limericks, poems, stories, whatever to get us thru' those dry Skinner periods.
  7. Have loads of hopefully non-offensive fun while doing this.
  8. Defend his honour by means of the BRAWS Paramilitary Unit with razor wit and snide comments ANY who slander our SPG.
  9. Motto: Support BRAWS!!!
  10. General insult/defence phrase: 'Pucker up and kiss my Assistant Director'.
  11. Praise for the SPG: 'Hail Skinner! Full of Grace. Duck! That bitch is carrying MACE!'
  12. Debate, analyse and exchange ideas about the SPG and use 'constructive crit' to enhance the character of Walter Skinner.
Check out the BRAWS Home Page for more Walter Worship.

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