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You can find my favorite non-X-Files links in a new section of my personal home page.

New Links

The Skinner Sanctum was created by Ivantheterrible and "The Limber Prophetess." It's a mature site (18 and over) and has some NC-17 fiction on it, but it also has a lot of G-rated and PG-rated pictures compiled from magazines, personal appearances, and the like.

Web Pages - Specific to Mitch

The Temple of Skinner is billed as "the home of Walter's Wenches in Waiting." It's a newish site but promises to turn into a lot of fun.

Updated Link: If you haven't been to The MPEB Home Page lately, be sure to check it out in its new home. Paula Mackey's homage to Skinner and Mitch contains a lot of information about Mitch as well as two other popular X-Files guests, Nick Lea (Krycek) and Doug Hutchison (Tooms).

Xanthe's X-Files Fanfiction

These are some pictures of Mitch and Ming-Na on her official website commemorating his appearance on ER.

Here's a link to BigStar's transcript of Mitch's Yahoo! chat.

Joe's X-Files Site comes highly recommended by the Skinnerholics, and contains a section called Real X-Files that sounds intriguing.

Lovers of slash fanfic will be glad to find the new home of Three Way Stop. Beware of some "adult" content.

Click here to take the latest Skinnerholics poll. Note: You have to be a member of the Skinnerholics Anonymous email discussion list in order to vote.

The TNT Photo Index of the Fight the Future Premiere has lots of pics, including three nice ones of Mitch.

Do you need to join Skinnerholics Anonymous?

Two Skinnerfic archives I have recently discovered are WalterTorture and Sergeeva's Walter-Altar.

Check out the Sisters-in-Smut Skinnerotica Archive or YankeeRose's entertaining Skinnerotic Photos.

This is not a website link, but fans of Mitch should know about this discussion list for Mitch/Skinner discussion. To subscribe, send a message to and in the body of your message put "subscribe office ".

Looking for THE source of fanfiction featuring Our Man Skinner? Check out The Walter Skinner Fanfiction Archive, which is nicely organized and gives you the choice of being notified automatically whenever the page is updated.

Here's another site that picked Mitch as one of their 50 most beautiful people. Nice photos.

Check out these great photos of Mitch and Nick Lea by Wendy Sparks.

A dedicated and creative fan has created a virtual reality model of Skinner's office that you can preview on the web (you have to download software to view the full model). This model actually won an award from Virtus, the company that makes the software that was used to create it.

Other Outstanding X-Files Web Pages

The Official X-Files Home Page is MCI/Newscorp's new "official" site for X-Files information and chat.

BOAU! Check out an interesting group effort by an eclectic collection of Austin residents and X-Files fans.

Someone recently recommended that I check out this X-Files resource site.

A fun site for all Philes is the Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted.

A new mailing list is available for Women Who Love the X-Files. Go to OneList and search on "wlxf."

Arsenal Pulp Press has published a new book about The X-Files. You can see photo and text samples of "X Marks the Spot" here.

Fellow Phile "Kim" posts her fanfic and other X-Filian musings at Journey to X.

The X-Ville Art Gallery has a lot of nice stuff, including lots of shippy art and some Skinner art as well (of course! :-).

Submit your caption for the X-Pic of the Week.

There's an amazing amount of information for Philes at the X-Files Mytharc and Newsgroup Information Resource.

Enjoy the adventures of the Mulder and Scully action figures presented by Alien Ice Picktures.

Visit the web page of Philes Against X-Files Lite

You can see a Quicktime movie of the X-Files movie trailer on the X-Files Official Site.

My friend Mystic has an X-Files page that you can access from her main page..

Twilight City is a really fun and cool web site with great graphics and lots to see and do.

You have to check out this amazing X-Files Time Line ... I can't do it justice with a one-line description.

Visit the Monument to the X-Files.

Check out the X-Files Interactive Poll on the Web and cast your own votes for your all-time favorite episode.

Another really cool X-Files page I visit often is the X-Files Home Page of Pennsylvania.

Terminal X is Stephen Banks' award-winning home page. Right now (as of July 2000) there is only a message saying "Under Construction," but I am leaving this link on my page for now as this has always been one of the best XF sites.

The webmaster calls this The Complete X-Files Page.

The Netpicker's Guide to the X-Files

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Reviews Sites

Autumn Tysko's X-Files reviews have been collected and posted by a fellow fan.

Sarah Stegall posts her thought-provoking reviews of each X-Files episode in The Munchkyn Zone. 

A friend told me about this page, dith's X-Files Reviews/Previews, where you can find thought-provoking ruminations on each episode and some gossip, too.

Check out viewers' ratings and reviews of each episode as it airs on the X-Files Viewers' Ratings Page

Sites Specific to Other Characters

David Duchovny fans may want to visit the home page of the DDEB2, maintained by Lara Ellen Eakins.

I'm adding a link to the famous Red Speedo Poetry Page for those closet Duchovny fans out there.

Lone Gunmen fans should check out the home page of the Lone Gunmen Estrogen Brigade.

Hurry, quick, now to the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic, a beautifully designed, wonderful tribute to the Sainted One.

Lone Gunman Dean Haglund has his own home page with some interesting tidbits.

The Official Steven Williams Web Site has some cool graphics and great information on "Mr. X." Mr. Williams will actually be reading and resonding to

If you enjoyed the episode "Humbug," check out the home page of the Jim Rose Circus, which employs some of its guest stars.

Gillian FOREVER! is Dave's Gillian Anderson Home Page.

The DDEB3 Home Page is beautiful, well-organized, and easy to navigate. I also like the Gallery of Chests. Note: This site is listed as under construction as of July 2000.

TV and Entertainment News Sites

StarPages is an index/search engine of pages related to celebrities. The Office is listed there, as well as many others.

Visit The Celebrity Cafe: On-line interviews with your favorite musicians, actors, supermodels, politicians, singers, songwriters, artists, writers, cartoonists and more...

The SciFi Channel has a service called SciFi Wire that includes all sorts of entertainment industry news related to science fiction -- including The X-Files.

Mr. Showbiz Mr. Showbiz is a good place to search for both real information and gossip on all your favorite celebrities.

Entertainment Weekly has actually now put all of its past X-Files stories online in the X Collection

X-Files Merchandise

Visit The Bookstore for a great selection of X-Files books, audio cassettes, CDs, videos and calendars, including some that are not even released!

This bookstore has a huge selection of science fiction material, including every X-Files book I'd ever heard of and some I hadn't heard of.

Want More?

Yahoo! has an entire category devoted to The X-Files.

Try some of the Web's easy-to-use search engines via The Starting Point, which offers one-stop access to several engines.

Another "meta" search engine that searches several other sites at once is Metacrawler.

My favorite search engine, however, is iWon. They give away $10,000 a day and a $1 million prize each month. If you're looking to earn money the old-fashioned way, try Netflip, which pays you a couple of cents each time you click on a link from your search.


If your Web browser gives you Usenet access, click here to read messages posted by fans in 

Click here to read fan-created fiction based on the show, including stories about Skinner, in


The last time I checked, there was a chat room on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) devoted to the Surly One. If you have net access and IRC software, connect with the Undernet server nearest you (for example: and join #AD_Skinner's_Office.

Fan Clubs

See my Fan Club Page for up-to-date fan club information.

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