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This page is where I supposedly post recent news tidbits about Mitch Pileggi and/or the Office. As you can see, it hasn't been updated in a while. Please e-mail me if you come across news items like these! Thanks!

For more articles on Mitch, check out the bibliography graciously provided by m.p. -- an exclusive to the Office of the Assistant Director!

Mr. Showbiz
Mr. Showbiz is a good place to search for both real information and gossip on Mitch and all your favorite celebrities.

"X-Files" Film Sequel Planned for 2000

From Sunday's "NY Daily News New York Vue" (the TV booklet)

"There is a plan to make another 'The X-Files' movie, the summer following the last season of the show [which will be next year]," according to Mitch Pileggi, who plays Asst. Director Walter Skinner.

He also says he wasn't concerned that this past season would be the final one for the series "because I knew what everyone's contracts were."

Pileggi reports the team will return to work in late July. That includes his wife, Arlene, who is Gillian Anderson's photo double on the show, and sometimes plays Skinner's secretary.

"It's hard to get through our scenes together sometimes because of laughing at each other," he says. "She's not used to seeing me with that hard demeanor."

A Little More Information About Takedown

Taken from the Internet Movie Database

Plot Outline: This film is based on the story of the capture of computer hacker Kevin Mitnick.

Production Notes/Status:
Status: Post-production
Comments: Principal photography has been completed. Takedown is slated for release in summer 1999. It is expected to be delayed, pending a defamation of character law suit from Kevin Mitnick, who is still in jail, awaiting trial for some of the crimes he is portrayed committing in this film.
Last Updated: 29 September 1998
Note: Since this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change or could be removed completely.

Credited cast overview:
Tom Berenger .... John Markoff
Cara Buono
Scott Cooper (III) .... Mark Seiden
Angela Featherstone
Gil Johnson
Donal Logue .... Donald Randolf
Christopher McDonald .... Macki
Master P .... Brett
Amanda Peet
Mitch Pileggi .... Bruce Koball
Jeremy Sisto .... Justin Petersen
Ethan Suplee
Skeet Ulrich .... Kevin Mitnick
Russell Wong

Some New Tidbits About Mitch's New Projects - MINOR SPOILERS

Contributed by Robert S.

More information on Mitch's new film role. Gun Shy is a black comedy that stars Liam Neeson as a DEA agent who wants to retire after being traumitized by a near assasination attempt, but has to complete one last assignment, juggling it with his therapy sessions. Mitch plays Dexter, the mentor of Neeson's character. Sandra Bullock is producing the film, and she also appears as a nurse. Not sure if she has any scenes with Mitch, but she would definitely be a better match for him than Fowley or Marita.

Takedown tells the true story of the the cat and mouse duel that occured between computer security specialist Tsutomi Shimomura (Russell Wong) and computer hacking outlaw Kevin Mitnick (Skeet Ulrich). Mitch plays Bruce Koball, a Berkely based ex-hippie turned computer programmer.

Both of these films should be out later this year, however there has been a delay on the production of Takedown because Kevin Mitnick filed a defamation suit against those involved on the film from prison (Sorry if that might have spoiled the ending on the latter film).

Mitch and Arlene Have Had Their Baby

According to the MPEB home page, Mitch and his wife Arlene have had a baby girl, Sawyer, who was born in Vancouver on May 24. Congratulations, Mitch and Arlene!

Update on Marabunta

According to FOX scheduling, the movie is now called LEGION OF FIRE: KILLER ANTS and will air TUES 6/23 (pending no Stanley Cup Game #7).

Marabunta to Air at Last

According to the folks at FOX Scheduling, Mitch's movie, Marabunta, will finally air sometime in late June. However, its title will probably be changed. Stay tuned to this site for more information when I get it!

The X-Files ends with a bang and tears after five years

Alex Strachan, Sun Television Critic Vancouver Sun

The X-Files ended with a gunshot. At 1:06 a.m., early Thursday morning, in a tiny, cramped corridor at Riverview Hospital's Crease Clinic, an actor in a prison guard's uniform turned and fired his sidearm into one of the cells. There was a hush. For a moment nobody heard the word "cut." Then there was resounding applause as the straggling survivors of a 15-hour shooting day marked the end of The X-Files' five-year run as the highest-profile TV series made in Vancouver.

It was the end of an emotional, gruelling day that began at 10 a.m. the previous morning under a blistering hot sun, with a staggering 32 camera set-ups facing a crew that was instrumental in making The X-Files the most glossy, technically crafted series on television -- and the first series made outside the U.S. to break into the top 10 in the U.S. Nielsen ratings.

The day's ironies were not lost on a crew accustomed to months of 14-hour days in the rain, often in dank, clammy environs of the GVRD Seymour Demonstration Forest in North Vancouver.

The title of the final episode was The End.

On the hottest day of the year, they were working indoors.

The final scenes were filmed in an abandoned wing of a mental hospital, prompting plenty of gallows humour about padded cells and losing one's grip on reality.

But the hardest thing for many to deal with was the rising tide of emotion and sense of loss that crested at 8:16 p.m. when actor Gillian Anderson finished her final scene and, fighting back tears, called the crew together.

"I wish there was something that could express the way I love you all," she said softly. "You made it so special. I will miss you all so much."

Filming was interrupted for nearly an hour as she hugged each crew member in turn.

Actor David Duchovny left the night before after finishing scenes with the show's second unit. He also had a hard time maintaining his composure, according to crew members who witnessed the scene, nearly breaking down on several occasions as he handed out signed, personalized basketballs to the crew.

"I think he finally realized he was leaving," said director Robert Goodwin, who is leaving the show himself after five years as The X-Files' Vancouver-based executive producer and crew boss.

Anderson presented the crew members with specially made bathrobes with the inscription, "1993-1998. Goodnight everybody. I love you -- forever. G.A."

Barry (Bear) Horton, a burly, bearded Teamster driver with colourful tattoos all over his chest and arms, doubled as Anderson's trailer driver, unofficial bodyguard and personal protector of her three-year-old daughter Piper for the past five years.

"I've worked with Richard Gere and Sharon Stone and plenty of others," Horton said, "and I can tell you that Gillian is the most genuine person I have ever worked with -- and the most genuinely talented."

In all, 117 episodes were filmed in Vancouver. The X-Files now moves to Los Angeles, where many observers believe the show's look and feel will change dramatically.

X-Files creator and executive producer Chris Carter showed up unannounced shortly after 9 p.m. and handed out commemorative sweatshirts to the crew.

"It's strange," Carter said. "There's an odd feeling tonight. It's sad and yet celebratory, marking kind of a milestone, at the same time. We're so used to getting the work done, going home and getting back the next day. David flew to L.A. last night, Gillian's flying to L.A. in a minute and I'm flying to L.A. tomorrow morning. And none of us will come back up here for work on The X-Files ever again. That is a very strange feeling, and I haven't quite come to terms with it yet."

Carter admitted the transition to Southern California will be difficult.

"First of all, there's a work ethic here I've never experienced before," he said. "They feel it is their show and they take great pride in their work. It is their show. I can only hope to duplicate the quality of the work. But the work ethic is something that, in my experience, will not be possible to duplicate anywhere."

For less public crew members like Helga Ungurait, The X-Files' continuity supervisor since 1994, key grip Al (Doom and Gloom) Campbell, a five year-veteran of the show, and gaffer Richard (Bucky) Buckmaster, the end was bittersweet.

"I think I'm spoiled," Ungurait said. "There was a strong vision, a real sense that the people who were making this show wanted something special, and that's not always the case.

"We work in an industry where you're always thinking about going on to the next job. But those of us who've been here for a while, today's been a day of reminiscences -- remembering where we started and where we've come from. It's just like the last day of high school or university. When I think of what Gillian was like the first few years, and David, and myself, all of us -- we've all grown with the show. And, yes, it's tough to walk away, to let it go."

Campbell said he was gratified that the show evolved into a pop-cultural phenomenon during his five-year tenure. That is something that anybody who worked on the show will never have taken away from them.

Wearing a T-shirt that read, "I Survived the Deep Freeze, 4x24" -- in reference to last year's fourth-season ending episode which was filmed on a North Shore soundstage chilled to -17 degrees to simulate the inside of an ice cavern -- Campbell said his fondest memories will be the ones that seemed bizarre at the time.

"No more nights in the rain," Campbell said, laughing, belying his nickname. "Just a lot of stories from now on. 'I remember when.' Stuff for the grandkids. God, what a ride. What a wonderful five years. That will always stay with me."

Anderson was reflective.

"It's a weird feeling on set right now," she said, struggling to keep her composure. "Very melancholy. I feel close to everybody on this crew. It's just hard. Very hard. I'm trying to keep it together. I have a tendency to just stare at people and reminisce.

"I will never forget these people."

Mr. and Mrs. Pileggi Expecting

Everyone probably knows this by now, but just in case there's anyone who hasn't heard, Mitch and his wife Arlene are expecting a baby in May. You'll get all the information here as soon as I know anything about the new arrival. Congratulations to Mitch and Arlene!

The "X-Files" Bucks Are Out There

John Carman (SF Chronicle)

What next, "X-Files on Ice?"

Fox's most popular TV series has already done its fan conventions in hotel ballrooms. The home videos are in stores. A CD-ROM with an "X-Files" browser is due to be released in the spring, at $34.98 a pop. A theatrical movie has been filmed, and a new interactive game is expected.

"The X-Files" is still a television series, but it's also a merchandising gold mine.

Fox found yet another shaft to mine when the network announced over the weekend that "The X-Files" will hit the road for a 10-city "X-Files" Expo tour, beginning in the Bay Area. [Editor's note: See Convention Dates for more information.]

The event, which Fox likened to a major rock'n'roll tour, will be housed in abondoned military bases and other roomy venues, and will include memorabilia displays, interactive games, photo opportunities with cast members, sales of "X-Files" merchandise and a sneak peek at the "X-Files" movie due to be released in theaters in June.

But although the "X-Files" Expo is due to open the weekend of March 6-8 in the Bay Area, Fox hasn't yet secured a facility--the decommissioned Alameda Naval Air Station is a possibility--and won't guarantee that the show's major stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, will attend.

"David and Gillian, we'd love to have them at every one of them," Mark Stroman, Fox's senior vice president for national promotions, told TV critics at the mid-season press tour in Pasadena. "Are they going to be at every one of them? I can give you that answer right now. The answer is no."

The fact that the touring attraction opens in the Bay Area, however, presumably enhances prospects for an appearance by Duchovny, Anderson, or both.

Patricia Wyatt, president of licensing and merchandising for Twentieth Century Fox, described the "X-Files" Expo as "the ultimate reward for fans." But the show's fans will have to pay to be rewarded.

Tickets for the event at all 10 locales will go on sale January 20 and cost $25 each. After the three-day weekend in the Bay Area, the exposition will be trucked to Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York and Washington, DC.

The event, which will be produced by Fox's licensing and merchandising division and will also serve as a promotional tool for the Oldsmobiles Intrigue sedan, drew some hoots of "X-ploitation" when it was announced on the TV press tour.

But Stroman said the "X-Files" Expo isn't expected to turn a profit, and insisted that the show's fans will consider their money well spent.

"Pound for pound and dollar for dollar," Stroman said, "we don't think there is a person who is going to leave an "X-Files" Expo without feeling that they've had an incredible experience."

The "X-Files" Expo announcement was part of a flurry of news over the weekend involving the science-fiction series, which is in its fifth season on the Fox television network.

Other developments:

1) Fox and producer Chris Carter, the creator of "The X-Files," are believed to be close to an agreement on moving production of the show from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Los Angeles.

Relocation discussions were instigated mainly by Duchovny, who plays FBI agent Fox Mulder. Duchovny has said he wants to be based closer to his wife, actress Tea Leoni. She's the star of an NBC comedy seris, "The Naked Truth," which is filmed in the Los Angeles area. Last year, Duchovny threatened to quit "The X-Files" unless the show moved to Los Angeles.

The move would entail higher production costs and might jeopardize the lush visual atmosphere that British Columbia locations have given the show.

2) Peter Roth, president of the Fox Entertainment Group, said "The X-Files" will remain on the Fox schedule for at least two more years after the 1997-98 television season.

"We are actively involved in discussions at this point with the talent, both before and behind the camera," Roth said. "I will assure you that we have no intention of losing our flagship series...The series is definitely going to be on Fox. I can say that with absolute certainty."

Duchovny and Anderson are expected to re-up for two more seasons. One senior Fox executive, who asked not to be identified, said the deals are essentially completed.

Asked what would happen if the stars bolted, Roth said in his press conference, "It's not a possibility that any of you should contemplate."

3) Fox announced that authors Stephen King and William Gibson ("Johnny Mnemonic," "Neuromancer") separately wrote scripts for the February 8 and February 15 episodes.

King collaborated with Carter in writing the first of the shows. Called "Chinga," it will involve a Dana Scully (Anderson) vacation to Maine, where the agent is drawn into a case of a girl terrorizing a fishing village.

The episode written by Gibson is called "Kill Switch." After the disappearance of two computer geniuses, the network said, Mulder will endure a "virtual reality nightmare" imposed by a supercomputer.

That "virtual reality nightmare" probably won't be called the "X-Files" Expo.

Editor's Note: For more information on the Expo dates, see Convention Dates.


Two-season deal missing only One key player

[from the New York Daily News]

Pasadena- "The X-Files" definitely will be back on Fox for the next two seasons - and though nothing has been announced officially, so will series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

At Friday's Fox executive press conference, Entertainment Group President Peter Roth said it was "a possibility" that "The X-Files" would return without either of its stars - but at a weekend party held by Fox, news was both more precise and more positive.

One Fox executive involved in the negotiations, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said flatly that "the actors will be back" and that "the show will in all likelihood be moving from Vancouver to Los Angeles." (That is almost a given once Duchovny and Anderson re-up, since Duchovny has made moving to Los Angeles one condition of his renegotiation.)

Chris Carter, the creator of "The X-Files" is the one key person not yet confirmed for two additional seasons. But with the "X-Files" movie opening in June and February's schedule full of special episodes (more on that in a moment), Fox executives on and off the record are bullish that Carter will return.

"It always has been, and always will be, his gift and his craftsmanship" that makes the show, the unnamed Fox executive said of Carter, stressing how important the creator-writer-producer is.

Even Roth pressed on getting Carter to continue, had something encouraging to say at Saturday's party. "We, the Fox network, and we, the Fox company, and we, as companies part of News Corporation," Roth said, "will make him an offer that he cannot refuse." He finished with a Marlon Brando imitation.

Two More Years of The X-Files

From Mr. Showbiz

X-Files conspiracy theorists can take heart: the paranormal Fox series will remain on the air at least through the millenium. "The X-Files absolutely is going to be around for year six and seven minimally," Fox Entertainment President Peter Roth said at a press conference on Friday. And the New York Post reports that stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson inked deals on Saturday to stay with the series for another two years. According to the paper, the show's move to Los Angeles has been finalized, and both stars are expected to get generous pay raises. Duchovny threatened to leave the show unless Fox relocated the series from its rainy Vancouver, B.C., setting to L.A., where his bride, Tea Leoni, films her NBC sitcom, The Naked Truth.

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The Office of the Assistant Director has received three additional awards over the last few weeks. Thanks to these sites for choosing to honor the Office, and my thanks to all of my visitors for helping to make this the best Mitch site on the net!

Jeff Hobrath AwardGraphX Kingdom Select Site AwardMarket-Tek Design Award

Office Exclusive -- First-Hand Account From Mitch's Double on Marabunta

Editor's Note: My special thanks to Greg Anderson, Mitch's double on the set of the TV movie Marabunta, for allowing me to reprint this first-hand account of filming here on the Office site.

Marabunta logoI occasionally worked as an extra for about three years in the small but prolific Utah film community. Consequently, all the casting people who have to choose stand-ins knew me, knew what I looked like, knew that I was reliable, etc. So I was asked to be a Stand-in for Gerald McRaney (Major Dad himself) when a TV mini-series called NOTHING LASTS FOREVER was made in Salt Lake City in the spring of 1995. I enjoyed the job but figured I'd never see Gerald McRaney again. Just one month later, "Mac" returned to Utah to guest star in an episode of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. After that wrapped up, I again figured that I'd never see him again. Surprise! The next summer Mac was back to star in the TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL spin-off series PROMISED LAND. I've had a fun, steady job ever since.

This past June, as I was trying to stay busy with yard work during hiatus, I got a call from the woman who normally does extras casting for TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL and she offered me a stand-in job. I took the job without hesitation but, in fact, when I talked to her, she never told me the name of the show nor the name of the guy I'd be standing in for. So I arrived at the set, clueless, and began asking everyone what was going on. I had heard, a few weeks earlier, that there was a killer ant movie coming to Utah and I was amused to discover that I was working on it! Also, when I found out I'd be standing in for a guy from THE X FILES, I was amused to note the subtle merging of that show and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. Jim Charleston, the director of MARABUNTA, has directed THE X FILES before and, well, a significant portion of the MARABUNTA crew consisted of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL people who were staying busy during hiatus (and a bunch of PROMISED LAND people too).

Mitch with GregBut I hate to admit that I hadn't been an X FILES fan before MARABUNTA and I'd never heard of Mitch. However, I soon discovered that he's terrific (and that I've got a lot of friends around the country who are big fans of him). And, in fact, even though my regular gig is working for Gerald McRaney, I'm actually a little better match to Mitch. (But it's not like anyone asked me to move to Vancouver and work on THE X FILES. I'm sure Mitch has an excellent stand-in up there.)

The MARABUNTA shoot was a rigorous, 18-day shoot (six-day work weeks for three weeks and each work day is at least 12 hours. Try doing that while still maintaining basic necessities like clean laundry... not to mention a social life!). Mitch only worked on 12 of those days, however. His last day working with us was June 24th and, the very next day, he was scheduled to be in Los Angeles to start shooting the X FILES feature film. But I've jumped ahead of myself.

In MARABUNTA, Mitch plays Police Chief Jeff Croy of Burly Pines, Alaska. Originally, the script called for him to be the Sheriff. But, as production began, someone told us that Alaska has no Counties and, therefor, no Sheriffs. While the costume and props people made the correction, the folks revising the script didn't catch all the changes. So Julia's character kept calling him "Sheriff" during the first couple of days of filming. Rather than reshoot, they decided to just let her keep calling him Sheriff throughout the show (After all, her character was supposed to be new to the area and might not have realized Croy wasn't a Sheriff). Meanwhile, all the police officers in the movie correctly referred to him as "Chief." So... I don't know if they'll try to fix that discrepancy by looping the dialog during post-production, but if you notice it during the final film then you'll know why.

I was also told that, originally, the Croy character was supposed to be somewhat of a bad guy. I don't know when that was changed, but the character in the final product is a mildly gruff good guy (He's a little strict with the people who work for him, but he's a sweetheart as a widowed father dealing with his son). The only bad guys in this movie are, alas, the ants.

I never tried to get a complete copy of the script but, in case you're wondering, I have a fairly good idea of what happens. And I'm told that there really are killer, South American ants like the ones is this movie, although the real ones are just slightly smaller. In the movie, the ants are about an inch and a half long each with big pinchers on the fronts of their heads. I'm told that the real ones really can strip an animal down to its bones in a matter of hours. And, in this movie, the ants wind up in Alaska aboard a boat which sinks. They remain dormant underground for about ten years until seismic activity in the area warms the ground and awakens them. So, in the first scene of the movie, a honeymoon couple who are out enjoying the wilderness on a dirt bike discover one of the giant ant hills (which are normally only seen in South America) and they decide to take a closer look. In fact, the husband wants to take a picture of his wife posing atop the 15-foot hill. But, when he goes back to the bike for more film, she falls into the hole on top and, when he attempts to save her, he also gets pulled in. The screen fades to black and the film's title appears... while we hear the horrifying sounds of the two being munched to death (At least that's how the script said the movie will start).

Yeah, it sounds pretty cheesy, but it was a blast to work on. The cast and crew all were pretty lighthearted about making a monster movie in the 1950s tradition of silly, monster movies. And everyone kept a fun attitude. (One day, when the director was a little miffed at someone else, he said "When I win the Emmy for Best Ant Movie I'm not going to thank that guy.")

As you can guess, they didn't bring any real South American killer nts to Utah in order to make this movie and the plan, all along, was to use countless, computer-generated ants. So, of course, we filmed a lot of scenes where people were terrified of... nothing at all. And the actors all had a good time laughing at themselves. In one scene, Mitch is trying to keep the ants away from his topless Chevy Blazer. But when he realizes it's a lost cause he starts driving away... swerving all over a school parking lot and then trying to slap away the ants which have gotten in and are crawling on his clothing. We filmed several shots of Mitch driving around slapping himself (that is, slapping away the invisible ants). Mitch laughed and laughed at the end of each take. (I also worked on that scene as a "photo double" for Mitch. They had me wear the same wardrobe and did some close-ups of my feet as I, too, slapped at invisible ants while pretending to drive the Blazer.)

There's a lot of stunt work in the movie. Eric loved every minute of it when he was able to do his own stunts. Julia wasn't quite as thrilled all the time. I recall one shot where the two of them were standing on a window ledge a couple of stories above the ground, preparing to swing down to the pavement on a rope. The director was delighted to catch a moment on film, just before he called "action," when the nervous Julia turned to Eric and said, "You're really enjoying this, aren't you? You little [expletive]."

As a stand-in, my job was mostly to watch Mitch during rehearsals and then, as the camera and lighting crew were setting their equipment, I would stand in Mitch's place as a reference. My qualifications were being the same height as Mitch and having a similar hairline. And, thanks to the use of stand-ins, a guy like Mitch doesn't have to stay on his feet for 12 hours a day and still put in a good acting performance.

Sometimes actors pay very little attention to their stand-ins... but Mitch was especially friendly. He'd go out of his way to strike up a conversation with me or anyone else on the crew. There was no pretentiousness. He was fantastic. And he was great with the local, Utah actors, some of whom had never worked on a project this big before. He was especially jovial with the actor who played one of his employees, "Officer Blount." As part of the Croy character, he was harsh with Blount (And Mitch had a great way of barking out that name "Blount" when he talked to him). Between takes, Mitch would joke around with the other actor and threaten to break his foot off on the guy's back side.

Then there were the helicopter gags. What can I say? I always thought it would be fun to get a ride in a helicopter. Unfortunately, I had no idea that a Huey can feel so unstable when it goes through maneuvers. I also didn't know the maneuvers would be so harsh (I don't think that pilot was used to flying with novice passengers) and I didn't know I'd get so much motion sickness. I rode in the helicopter for a few shots as a photo double for Mitch. After several takes I was just about ready to lose my breakfast when, fortunately, the camera had already captured what it needed. I'm not in any hurry to get back into a helicopter.

But I'm sure the aerial footage will look fantastic. Throughout the show we had some great scenery, all of which looked especially green and nice thanks to a particularly wet spring in Northern Utah. Don Fauntleroy was the cinematographer and lots of people had good things to say about his work. That's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to finally seeing this movie... because I'm sure it'll look fantastic (and I'm curious to see how the CGI ants will fit in). The stunts were lots of fun to watch (Especially one scene where Mitch had to run the Blazer through a slalom course of sinkholes which are spewing out giant fireballs. That scene, incidentally, was not done with computer effects. We really had giant fireballs!). When you see the movie, just sit back and have a good time with it. Don't take it too seriously. Nobody on the set ever did (And wow! Some of the actors were laughing at their dialog as they were saying it.) I'm sad to hear that the film's air date seems to have been delayed. I hope you guys can let us know as soon as you find out when the movie will air. Since a lot of the folks on PROMISED LAND's crew worked on the show we'll all curious.

I'm afraid I can't tell you much about Mitch's personal life. He likes working in Vancouver. He likes working out (I think he found a nice gym in Park City, where he stayed during the production). He never brought a "significant other" to our set. One day he made a good-natured joke about David Duchovny (and then he immediately said "just kidding" as if the David Duchovny police force were listening in). It seems like he's a man at the top of his game and he's certainly great to work with. I hope he becomes an even bigger star. I'd love to see him on the late night talk show circuit. And, by the way, I watch THE X FILES now... because, you know, it's on right after TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL.

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BRAWS Publicity Stunt to Support Walter Skinner

Calling all Mitch Pileggi fans!
Tired of hearing that Skinner got the short end of the stick in the X-Files movie?
Want more Skinner episodes on season five of the X-Files?
Want to be part of a light hearted PR campaign to promote Mitch Pileggi as Sex Symbol to the Mass-media?
Then mail one of your (laundered) brassieres (or someone else's if necessary), signed and inscribed with the words: "Another Mitch Supporter" to:

A Plea to Chris Carter
C/O X-Files Production Office
110-555 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, British Columbia

So what if 10-13 Productions think we're a bunch of boobs! Stop your tittering and mail your choice of supportive undergarments to Chris Carter TODAY!!!
I know I have.

High Priestess, Broad Reform Advocates for Walter Skinner

SurlyCon Report

The following is a fairly extensively edited version of the con report from attendees of SurlyCon, the first annual pilgrimage to Vancouver to worship at the Walter Altar.

SurlyCon. The Aftermath.
by Bard

On July 18 to the 20th, 1997, devotees of the Surly Pectoral God (and one unrepentant DD fan added for flavour) successfully terrorized the greater downtown Toronto area.

The Walter alter caused some consternation among the hotel chambermaids but they relaxed when we explained it was all just good clean fun and no virgins were actually going to sacrificed.

A vast amount of UFO vodka coolers were downed in a deep religious fervor, so much so we weren't certain if that was Mitch playing 'Naked Twister' Saturday night or the pizza guy we captured and shaved bald Friday evening.

Here are some of the things that we did/saw/discussed at Surly Con and Lo! A new vision for the Faithful!

The top five things Skinner only does when he gets really stinko drunk.
5. Calls a psychic hotline for romantic advice
4. Decides the Succubus sitting on his chest is a real babe.
3. Shows up at Dana's apartment, late at night, to suggest he kiss her
all better.
2. Tapdances on his desk, singing "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
1. Threatens Cancerman by holding his breath until he turns blue.

S.P.E.R.M. Donation.
Were the guys at Silver Snail comic shop just yanking our chain or was Mitch Pileggi really in Toronto late June/early July filming a movie? The SINcronicity would just be too much for the Bard, knowing Mitch hung out (in a manner of speaking) at her all time favourite comic shop. Regardless, we left a wanted poster. It spake thusly:
(Picture inserted here)

Editor's note: Sounds like everyone had fun ... my question is ... are they going to do it again next year???


Eric Lutes, Mitch Pileggi And Julia Campbell Star In Action-Filled Original Movie To Air On 'The FOX Tuesday Night Movie'

Production began in Utah this week on MARABUNTA, an edge-of-your-seat thriller starring Eric Lutes (''Caroline in the City''), Mitch Pileggi (THE X-FILES) and Julia Campbell (''Men Behaving Badly,'' ''Romy & Michele's High School Reunion''), that will have its world premiere on ''The FOX Tuesday Night Movie'' this coming season. MARABUNTA is a production of Producers Entertainment Group, Ltd.

Lutes stars as Dr. Jim Conrad, an entomologist from Los Angeles vacationing in the peaceful Alaskan wilderness. Campbell plays Laura Sills, a pretty school teacher from the nearby town and Pileggi plays recently widowed Sheriff Croy who is raising his teenage son (Jeremy Foley of ''Dante's Peak''). Enjoying the beautiful landscape, Conrad is surprised to discover signs of volcanic activity. That surprise quickly turns to terror, however, when he discovers carcasses, animal and human, that have been killed and meticulously picked clean. Determining the unsuspecting town has become a feeding ground for voracious killer ants, he enlists Laura and Sheriff Croy in a life-or-death battle against the advancing deadly army.

Irwin Meyer and Michael Levey are executive producers of MARABUNTA. Rhonda Bloom is co-executive producer, George Manasse is producer and Kirt Eftekhar is co-producer. Jim Charleston directs from the screenplay by Wink Roberts & Linda Palmer.

Participate in the 2nd Annual People Online Most Beautiful Poll

[From People's publicity department]

Every year PEOPLE Magazine presents their list of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" -- and last year we asked our online readers to give us their choices for this coveted list. The response was overwhelming, with more than 250,000 votes cast, so we've decided to give it a go again this year. To nominate Mitch Pileggi as your MBP (Most Beautiful Person), go to http://pathfinder.com/people/50most/1997/poll.html. Online voting will continue until May 7, after which we'll put up a photo gallery of the top ten vote-getters.

And in case you were wondering who last year's winners were:

1) Gillian Anderson (41,973)

2) Teri Hatcher (35,300)

3) !!!!!Mitch Pileggi of "The X-Files" (34,346)!!!!!!

4) Kevin Sorbo of "Hercules" (28,008)

5) David Duchovny (26,940)

6) Claire Danes ((26,913)

7) Geraint Wyn Davies of USA Network's "Forever Knight" (21,496)

8) Lucy Lawless (19,627)

9) Alicia Silverstone (19,435)

10) Gary Cole of "American Gothic" (18,324)

Be sure to check our site, at http://people.com, on May 10 to learn who made the grade this year.

Mitch Pileggi Weds

I know that all of you have been waiting for coverage on this page of Mitch Pileggi's recent wedding in Hawaii. I've been looking for information, but so far things have been kept pretty quiet. The following information was contributed by Helen Hodgman (thanks!):

Who Weekly: January 27, 1997 - Actor Mitch Pileggi, 44, who plays assistant director Skinner on The X-Files, married Arlene Rempel, 30, who is Gillian Anderson's stand-in on the show, in Hawaii during the Christmas break.

People: January 21, 1997 (accessed via the Internet site: People Online) - contains the above news, plus some additional material.

Editor's Note: The People Online site also says that David Duchovny was Mitch's best man. If I come across any photos, you can be sure I will post them here -- and if anyone out there has a source, please let me know!

Transcript of Live Chat Available

People Online also has published the transcript of its live online chat with Mitch Pileggi from May 19, 1996. Check it out!

Office of the Assistant Director Mentioned in Internet Book

A book called "Your Personal Net: Sci-Fi - Your Guide to the Best SF on the Internet" features listings of numerous sites devoted to The X-Files. Here's what they had to say about The Office (emphasis is mine):

"He's 'quietly intense' and 'fence-straddling.' He's a 'complex and fascinating creation.' He's Skinner, he's 'Mitchly' and this is his page in which he has played a small, behind-the-scenes role. Read an exclusive interview or the bibliography compiled by M.P. himself, plus reviews, photos and more."

Note: I am thrilled to get a mention, but lest anyone be deceived, the wonderful bibliography of articles on Mitch was not compiled by "M.P. himself." It was sent to me by a fan whose online alias is "m.p." Hope no one is disappointed -- I for one was thrilled to receive it.

Mitch Featured in TV Guide

The Mitchly One was featured in the October 12-18, 1996, issue of TV Guide in an article starting on page 30. It includes a couple of great photos and some nice coverage of our favorite actor.

Update: Thanks to lj for letting me know you can also find an audio clip of Mitch talking about what he likes to watch on TV at the TV Guide site.

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