A historic day in Puddleby politics

I like Inu Teisei as a person, but I've decided that I must oppose her self-nomination to run for Fen President. She's a nice exile, but she is not qualified for the job! She claims that Ravenstorm is her father, but even if that's true ... how can a half-breed possibly understand the many important issues facing the Fen Community?

Today I am announcing the formation of a new political action committee, Fens for Families, Rainbows, Free Beer and Togron Nuts, Traditional Values and Ponies. The FFFRFBATNTVAP has not yet decided whether to endorse a candidate for Fen President, but we certainly will campaign against any non- or part-Fen running for the office.

All 100 percent pureblooded Fen are welcome to join FFFRFBATNTVAP, or FenPAC for short. And leave me a comment if you think FenPAC should endorse a candidate.


At Mon Dec 22, 11:07:00 AM CST, Blogger ^-^ ~~~ Inu said...

Thank you so much for the endorsement!! You know you make the best zu and the best potions! I hope you run as well next time, because I sure plan on running :D

I hope you don't get beaten by Kallisto in the primaries again so that lipstick wearing fen won't be running! Congrats on joining OWE!


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