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Welcome to my scrolls — an account of the adventures
of a fourth circle Fen healer exiled in Puddleby of Lok'Groton

News! News! News! I've made a huge decision. I was invited to apply for membership in the Order of the White Elephant, which would mean I would have to leave Clan Destine. I decided to take the leap, and my application was accepted. So I made the difficult choice of leaving Destine.

But I could not be happier to be part of OWE. They are a great group of exiles with whom I've hunted many times since I was exiled. They are truly a family and have welcomed me as one of the family. Tuska OWE!

Note to visitors: I am going to be posting most of my updates from now on to my blog, Creed's Screed, which you can access from the menu at left. I think it's easier and faster than updating this website, except for major events.

image of CreedI was exiled to the islands of Lok'Groton in the spring of 555, and arrived in Puddleby like so many exiles, penniless, clothed in rags, unsure of where my life would go next. My memory of my youth before exile is fuzzy, perhaps damaged by the trauma of exile ... I have vague images in my mind of being awakened from sleep in the middle of the night by loud shouting ... the soldiers' rough hands on my shoulders ... the other Fen who shared our small lodging screaming in fear ... being bound and shoved into a small boat, followed by the rough ocean crossing in the darkness...

Luckily, I found nearly all of the exiles I met to be extraordinarily kind. I was given clothing, a rudimentary weapon (a club), coins to buy food, and best of all, tips on how to survive in my new land. Not long after my arrival, I found myself called to choose a profession, taking the path of the healer. I do get teased by some exiles, though, because I like hunting and fighting as well.

I will be adding sketches and visionstones to this site over time to illustrate some of my adventures. My newest update tells the story of a pony who visited Puddleby one fine summer morning.

Below are two sketches that represent some of my happiest moments in exile: the day of my induction into Clan Destine on the 40th Day of of Autumn, 555, and the day I was inducted into the Order of the White Elephant, on the 19th day of Spring 573:

image of Creedimage of Creed

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