The return of Cloud

Cloud, the wonderful grey pony who was my first pony friend in Puddleby, visited me again recently. Cloud first showed up in TC after I had fallen in the valley exit cave. Kitlin sunstoned me that a pony had appeared in town. Shortly after, Cloud suddenly appeared by my side in the valley! He remained with me throughout my rescue and our group's return westward through the valley to the entrance cave, following faithfully and even fighting hostile creatures that threatened me.

When we all returned to town, the pony rested with me, but also took a shine to Althea. When I was ready to study, Cloud followed me right into the library! Capt. Stinkfist wanted to recruit Cloud to fight with him while I was busy studying. At first I was a little uncertain ... and then Stinkfist gave Cloud some "special" zu!! I didn't think Cloud would eat it ... but he did ... and it certainly affected him.

I was a little disgruntled by Stinkfist feeding my pony some stanky bud, but I was so tired, I went off to study. I haven't heard that Cloud and Stinkfist did anything TOO embarrassing while I was otherwise occupied. I must admit that I haven't seen Cloud again since then, either. But I've stocked up on wheat, barley and honey against a possible return visit.


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