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Belated Beery Bawkmas

This is a bit out of sync, but I made a little electronic Bawkmas card, and I still wanted to post it.

So here it is, and Merry Beery Bawkmas to all! And Happy New Year! Tuska OWE!

I really scrooooed up...

I have to apologize to everyone who was on the DTN hunt ooc last night. I made a big mistake and caused the group to fall and be trapped in DTN2. We were eventually rescued, but it took HOURS. I especially apologize to Janus, who invited me, who clearly told me what to do, and who stuck around the whole time organizing and encouraging the rescue.

/action scuffs toes in dirt

I'm sorry, Janus!


A New Beginning

It has been a very big week for me in the lands. I've made the very difficult decision to leave Clan Destine and join the Order of the White Elephant.

The decision was not made lightly! Sabine and I had talked for a while about trying to recruit some new fighters and build Destine back up, but I've come to the realization that I didn't think we could recreate the circumstances and people that made Destine so much fun.

OWE is a great clan, but I will always be very attached to Clan Destine. I had great fun with all of its members and really appreciate how welcoming all of them were when I was first exiled. I hope to continue seeing other members of Clan Destine at times in the lands and hunting when we get the chance.

In the meantime, I've already been hunting regularly with OWE at the Sunday (ooc) Open Hunts, and they have quickly embraced me as part of the family. I'm really happy!


A historic day in Puddleby politics

I like Inu Teisei as a person, but I've decided that I must oppose her self-nomination to run for Fen President. She's a nice exile, but she is not qualified for the job! She claims that Ravenstorm is her father, but even if that's true ... how can a half-breed possibly understand the many important issues facing the Fen Community?

Today I am announcing the formation of a new political action committee, Fens for Families, Rainbows, Free Beer and Togron Nuts, Traditional Values and Ponies. The FFFRFBATNTVAP has not yet decided whether to endorse a candidate for Fen President, but we certainly will campaign against any non- or part-Fen running for the office.

All 100 percent pureblooded Fen are welcome to join FFFRFBATNTVAP, or FenPAC for short. And leave me a comment if you think FenPAC should endorse a candidate.


Ojesi's bard audition

Ojesi became a full bard yesterday, and Rakshasa was named a Bard Master. I wasn't able to go, but Chance sent me some sketches and a visionstone. I thought I would share them here.



The return of Cloud

Cloud, the wonderful grey pony who was my first pony friend in Puddleby, visited me again recently. Cloud first showed up in TC after I had fallen in the valley exit cave. Kitlin sunstoned me that a pony had appeared in town. Shortly after, Cloud suddenly appeared by my side in the valley! He remained with me throughout my rescue and our group's return westward through the valley to the entrance cave, following faithfully and even fighting hostile creatures that threatened me.

When we all returned to town, the pony rested with me, but also took a shine to Althea. When I was ready to study, Cloud followed me right into the library! Capt. Stinkfist wanted to recruit Cloud to fight with him while I was busy studying. At first I was a little uncertain ... and then Stinkfist gave Cloud some "special" zu!! I didn't think Cloud would eat it ... but he did ... and it certainly affected him.

I was a little disgruntled by Stinkfist feeding my pony some stanky bud, but I was so tired, I went off to study. I haven't heard that Cloud and Stinkfist did anything TOO embarrassing while I was otherwise occupied. I must admit that I haven't seen Cloud again since then, either. But I've stocked up on wheat, barley and honey against a possible return visit.


Pinky the Pony

Speaking of ponies, I just had to post some sketches of a recent visit by another pony to our fair town. The gods can sometimes be difficult for mere mortals to understand.

As readers of my scrolls know, I often pray to the gods for my very own pony. Sometime before Bawkmas, Santa Chicken appeared, and I asked him for a pony. Soon after, a beautiful rainbow-colored pony with a horn on his forehead appeared in town. I was so excited, but this pony began killing everything in its path, even the strongest of fighters. I tried to approach him, but he felled me as well. He was a War Pony!

Creed's War Pony

At first I was upset and sought to understand the gods' purpose. I prayed and prayed for them to make the pony peaceful. At last they heard my prayers, and the pony became calm and tame.

Creed's War Pony

He followed a group to south farms and nibbled some grass and flowers, then followed us through the pf to the meadow. He seemed to like the meadow very much -- although Tepper Azur wasn't too happy to see a pony in his secret place!

Creed's War Pony
Creed's War Pony
Creed's War Pony

After a little while, the pony -- whom we had renamed Pinky -- galloped off into the trees. The gods gave us to understand that he would be happy in the forest.

Creed's War Pony

I have been grateful for my encounters with these beautiful ponies but remain confused by the aggressive killer ponies that have invaded our town. I still hope one day to truly have a pony of my own.

Tsrrin Fun

It sure was an eventful Feast this year! One really fun change was that some of the costumes were spread around through the lands, so you had to quest a bit to find some of them. Of course I spent a great deal of time dressed as a pony.

I also went on a Pony Valley Hunt that was fun...

Pony Valley Hunt
Pony Valley Hunt

...while it lasted.

Pony Valley Hunt
Pony Valley Hunt

In other news, I'd also like to congratulate Peril for passing the third-level fighter test.

Peril Passes Third